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Vol. 25: Installing New Extrusion Line

A New Line in Town


GOEX is in the process of installing a new extrusion line and expanding capabilities at our manufacturing headquarters in Janesville, WI. This additional line provides GOEX with the latest extrusion technology and keeps us at the forefront of production proficiencies.

While helping to broaden our existing material offerings, this new line will be geared mainly toward our Polyester and Copolyester materials used in Medical and Food packaging applications. This will allow GOEX to continue to expand our portfolio of virgin and recycled options with materials like APET, rPET, PETG, and rPETG.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET), is one of the most recent additions to our customized rigid plastic roll stock product line up. PET-based materials are one of the most popular choices for packaging in the world today. Often chosen for its high clarity, ease-of processing and durability, PET is widely used in thermoforming applications.

Identified as a #1 in the recycling stream, PET is the most universally recycled plastic in the world. Not only does its #1 code allows for collection in curbside and community recycling programs, it brings the most value to reclaimers who prepare PET scrap for resale and reuse.

GOEX offers Polyester products specifically designed to bring cost-effective solutions to the medical device packaging and food packaging markets we serve. Offering 100% virgin and recycled content blends containing post-industrial recycled (PIR) and/or post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, our extrusion capabilities allow us to customize the sheet construction of each job to balance aesthetics, performance, regulatory requirements and recycled content targets.

In addition to APET, GOEX continues to offer the most predominate rigid plastic material options designed for your particular application. We are continuously developing new, innovative products in partnership with our customers to not only meet heightened packaging performance requirements, but to find cost savings and sustainable solutions too.

Through product development and production innovation like the addition of this new extrusion line, GOEX is fueled by helping customers meet the unique demands of each and every project.

Let’s review the requirements of your next packaging project together – drop us a line to find out how we can help!