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Building a Better Barrier
Food packaging is an essential link in the food supply chain. Package design must balance cost, usability, sustainability, and ultimately preserva-tion of the contents of the food container. 

Depending on the item being packaged, and the storage conditions the product will be exposed to, the package may need to be de-signed to include additional barrier properties. Enhanced barrier properties can protect against moisture, air (oxygen transmission) and gas to help preserve product flavors, reduce spoilage, and control odors. 

For such applications, materials that provide  higher levels of barrier protection are an  essential part of packaging, providing a func-  tional layer between the substrate and the  package’s contents. These materials must  also focus on content visibility and other key  attributes for consumer satisfaction. 

GOEX is thrilled to announce the addition of  high barrier capabilities to our PET product port-folio. “The addition of barrier capabilities further broadens our diverse portfolio of rigid plastic offerings and addresses the needs of several unique applications in which GOEX can provide exceptional value. Our continual reinvestments in innovation, capabilities, and people further demonstrates our stability and long-term  commitment to the markets we serve.”, says GOEX Vice President of Sales, Jay Jensen.

It’s what’s inside that counts
Properly protecting contents from oxygen and moisture is critically important in maintaining the quality of the product and achieving the targeted shelf life. Minimizing food waste is a key initiative in many brands’ sustainability platforms. Barrier materials play a primary role in helping to prevent such waste.  

In addition to helping you select the right material, GOEX prides ourself on providing unmatched  quality and service to ensure that the materials selected perform consistently to the highest  levels possible.

How does your product packaging stack up? When you are designing your next package for meats, cheese, fish, fresh pastas, dips or anything requiring additional barrier properties, contact GOEX to see how we can help put our plastic to work for you!

The possibilities are limitless.

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