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About Us

Exterior of GOEX building in Janesville, Wisconsin

Company Philosophy

GOEX features listed to spell C U S T O MGOEX has earned a solid reputation as an innovative plastic extrusion company built on producing high quality plastic sheet and roll stock. Committed to continuous improvement and providing the best solutions for our customers, our employees are empowered and motivated to excel and strive to deliver results at the highest level of integrity. Fully-integrated and technologically advanced, we focus on achieving operational excellence by providing our customers with consistent quality products specifically designed to meet the demands of the marketplace.

We believe our employees drive how we deliver value to our customers. GOEX takes pride in providing a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace. We proudly promote career advancement and professional development for all employees.

Mission & Quality

Our mission and quality objectives define our commitment to developing the best products and services in our industry and guide us as we aim for total customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives

  • Reduce customer complaints to zero
  • 95% on-time deliver for customer requested ship dates
  • Meet the objectives established for scrap, throughput and downtime