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GOEX prides itself in developing innovative products that provide unique options for graphics, medical packaging, food packaging and many household and industrial applications. Identifying critical performance requirements such as sustainability, clarity, temperature, impact strength, ductility, stiffness and others is the first step in developing the next generation of products for our customers.


STYREX® 308 is a clear styrenic alloy. This versatile product is ideal for form-fill-seal products for the food and medical market, and can be used for some consumer and graphic arts applications.

  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Low density resin for improved economics
  • Easy to form, trim, seal or print

FDA Compliant USP Class VI Compliant


SIGNEX® 25P is a heat-resistant material developed specifically for printed backlit signs or other graphic arts print applications.

  • Ideal substrate when used in higher temperature environments
  • Heat deflection temperatures to 225°F
  • Increased tensile strength and modulus over the traditional SIGNEX® 25 product


STYREX® 720 is high-performance styrenic alternative to white PVC. This material offers significant yield over PVC, and is a solid choice for applications where more demanding tensile strength and flexural strength properties are required

  • Easy to print, form and fabricate
  • Great ink receptivity
  • Material can be embossed


STYREX® 725 is a high-performance resin containing recycled content and is an alternative to PVC.

  • Easy to print, form and fabricate
  • Great ink receptivity
  • Excellent for cards and other embossed applications