Plastics are the material of choice for functional and portable packaging. GOEX offers custom material solutions to meet your protective packaging needs, and help you deliver your products to market.

Common Applications

Household Cleaners & Detergents

Personal Care & Hygiene Products (Cosmetics)

Hardware & Tools


Automotive Components & Parts


Sports Equipment

Retail & More

High Impact Polystyrene

High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a versatile material used in a wide range of industrial, consumer, and medical applications. HIPS is selected for its ease of processing, light-weighting capability, cost, durability, chemical resistance, and recyclability.



STYREX® 320 is a litho and flexographic grade material. This product is an ideal choice for POP displays, signage, in-store decoration, shelf danglers, tags and much more.

  • Custom dyne level ranges available for optimal ink adhesion results
  • Easy to die cut, form and fabricate
  • Economical price point and quick turn times


STYREX® 325 is a litho and flexographic grade material containing recycled content.

  • Cap layers maintain familiar, aesthetically pleasing, print surface
  • Recycled content increases sheet opacity while reducing overall costs
  • Good strength and cutting performance


PETG is widely used in signage, displays and thermoformed trays. Is a clear material based on PET and modified for improved impact strength. PETG is highly recyclable and depending on your application can be leveraged for a cost effective solution to your printed or formed product.



GO-STAT® 21 is a proprietary ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) additive, topically applied to reduce static electricity on PETG plastic sheet.

  • Cures to a dry, non-flaking, non-corrosive coating that will not wash off
  • Product is thermoform ready to effectively dissipate a static charge to ground
  • Not affected by humid conditions


PETG GP copolyester is a general purpose resin. This product is a great choice for POP display components, signs, tags, charts, blisters, clamshells and many other applications.

  • Versatile resin that is easy to print, form and fabricate
  • Great clarity and toughness
  • Chemically resistant and odor free


rPETG is copolyester containing recycled PETG resin content initially used for medical packaging and re-purposed for a variety of general consumer packaging applications.

  • Available in opaque white, clear or blue tint
  • Excellent forming and trimming
  • A great product choice that supports your sustainability initiatives


PLA is a bio-compostable polymer sourced from corn that can be an excellent choice for clear or custom color applications. Your end-use application will determine how this resin is tailored to meet performance requirements. In its natural form PLA is a brittle material with low heat distortion but can be modified to give good impact and high heat characteristics. It is used in a variety of products and applications such as food packaging and graphic arts signage.



INGEO™ 4043D is a general purpose resin. Typical use includes general graphic arts printing and card applications.

  • Excellent replacement for oil-based materials for hotel key cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and some transactional cards
  • Good clarity and forming stability
  • Made from 100% renewable resources

FDA Compliant


Polycarbonate is a tough, transparent plastic material with outstanding strength and impact resistance. Excellent clarity makes polycarbonate an ideal material for applications such as indoor and outdoor signage, POP displays and medical packaging.



PEEREX® 61 is a general purpose polycarbonate sheet product that is ideal for graphic arts printing and general forming applications.

  • Exceptional impact and heat distortion resistance
  • Excellent clarity
  • Superior toughness over a wide range of temperatures


Polypropylene is a light weight material with excellent transparency, toughness, moisture barrier and formability. It is an excellent low cost solution with a wide range of resins and additives available to customize clarity, stiffness, tear strength, and color. Polypropylene is prominent in food packaging, medical packaging, and many consumer and industrial applications. It has excellent recyclability.



CONTOUR® 28 is an unfilled polypropylene.

  • Great choice for packaging and molded parts
  • Available in natural or pigmented
  • High strength to weight ratio


PVC is a very stable and safe material present in many products found in daily life such as garden hoses, swimming pools, credit cards, and many devices and products in hospital settings. PVC offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, clarity, finish, and custom coloring.



CAROM® 44 is a white, print-grade PVC used in a variety of print applications including cards, signs, POP and tags.

  • Great ink receptivity
  • Available in square-cut sheets
  • Superior gloss and matte finishes available


CAROM® 49 is clear PVC. This product is ideal for deep draw forming of medical, food, personal care, and many other packaging applications

  • Excellent thermoforming properties
  • Great clarity and die-cutting
  • Superior toughness and durability


GO-STAT® 21 PVC is a proprietary ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) additive, topically applied to reduce static electricity on PVC plastic sheet.

  • Cures to a dry, non-flaking, non-corrosive coating that will not wash off
  • Product is thermoform ready to effectively dissipate a static charge to ground
  • Not affected by humidity conditions

Styrenic Alloys

Styrenic Alloys provide a higher performance and clear option to high impact polystyrene. Most common uses for alloys is in medical devices, medical packaging, food packaging, and many household and consumer products. It is chosen for its clarity, low temperature toughness, and impact strength. Impact and ductility can be tailored to suit your requirements.



STYREX® 720 is high-performance styrenic alternative to white PVC. This materials offers significant yield over PVC, and is a solid choice for applications where more demanding tensile strength and flexural strength properties are required.

  • Easy to print, form and fabricate
  • Great ink receptivity
  • Material can be embossed


STYREX® 725 is a high-performance resin containing recycled content and is an alternative to PVC.

  • Easy to print, form and fabricate
  • Great ink receptivity
  • Excellent for embossed applications