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PETG Plastic Sheet

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol modified) is a thermoplastic polyester that provides excellent clarity, durability, high chemical resistance, and is easy to form and fabricate. GOEX is a leader among PETG plastic sheet suppliers and offers PETG sheet and roll stock options customized to meet the specific needs of each application.

PETG Plastic Sheet Applications and Benefits

PETG’s low forming temperature, crystal clarity and durability make it the most commonly used material in rigid Medical Device packaging. PETG is suitable for thermoforming and Form-Fill-Seal applications and is compatible with Ethylene Oxide (EO), Gamma Irradiation and E-Beam sterilization methods.

In addition to thermoforming and packaging applications, PETG is a great choice for printed and fabricated point-of-purchase displays and promotional pieces. Boasting superior ink adhesion PETG plastic sheets are ideal for your clear, white or custom colored print application. PETG can be heat bent, die cut, routed and embossed to enhance your next sign, display or card.

At GOEX, we embrace a Zero-Landfill operating philosophy and work to RE-COVER and repurpose scrap wherever possible. Our recycled PETG (RPETG) products offer an outlet for thermoforming trim scrap and printed skeletons to be reground and reused into new PETG plastic sheets, while still maintaining critical sheet attributes you can rely on.


CP300 is a clear, PETG copolyester and the most widely used resin grade for rigid medical packaging.

  • Provides excellent clarity, toughness and good melt strength
  • Excellent forming and trimming characteristics
  • Compatible for sterilization by GAMMA, E-beam and EtO

FDA Compliant USP Class VI Compliant


CP300 w/GLIDEX®TF copolyester is tallow-free and does not contain additives derived from animal by-products.

  • Retains excellent clarity and transparency characteristics of natural PETG
  • Offers controlled and consistent denesting of parts
  • Compatible for sterilization by GAMMA, E-beam and EtO

FDA Compliant USP Class VI Compliant


CP700 is a clear, general-purpose copolyester that is widely used in signage and displays.

  • Provides excellent clarity and toughness
  • Easy to print, form, and process


CP705 is a recycled PETG. It is ideal for applications needing improved rigidity.

  • Available in clear, white, and custom colors
  • Lower cost than traditional legacy materials
  • Up to 100% post-industrial recycled content

Contact Us for PETG Plastic Sheet

For more information and to discuss how we can assist with your medical-grade, food-grade, general purpose-grade and/or recycled-content PETG plastic sheet needs, give us call us today at 608.754.3303, or use our contact form to drop us a message.