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Plastic packaging plays a key role in delivering and storing food safely from farm to table. GOEX produces food safe plastics in a controlled environment with strong emphasis on quality and safety practices. Customers have come to rely on GOEX to develop food packaging materials you can trust.

Common Applications

Condiment Containers (Jellies & Sauces)

Dairy Product Containers (Yogurt, Butter & Cheese)

Dry Goods & Deli-Type Snack Packaging

Lids, Containers, Bowls & Plates

Disposable To-Go Containers, Portion Cups, Clamshells, Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) & More

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CONTOUR® 58 is a homopolymer that provides a cost-effective solution for high-performance food packaging.

  • Exceptional stiffness
  • Good clarity
  • Offers higher heat resistance

FDA Compliant


CONTOUR® 59 is an impact copolymer with better yield advantage.

  • Improved ductility
  • High impact strength
  • Compatible for sterilization by EtO

FDA Compliant USP Class VI Compliant


CONTOUR® 62 is a clarified random copolymer.

  • Enhanced optical properties
  • Good stiffness

FDA Compliant