Plastic packaging plays a key role in delivering and storing food safely from farm to table. GOEX produces food safe plastics in a controlled environment with strong emphasis on quality and safety practices. Customers have come to rely on GOEX to develop food packaging materials you can trust.

Common Applications

Condiment Containers (Jellies & Sauces)

Dairy Containers (Yogurt, Butter & Cheese)

Dry Goods & Deli-Type Snack Packaging

Lids, Containers, Bowls & Plates

Disposable To-Go Containers, Portion Cups, Clamshells, Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) & More

High Impact Polystrene

High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a versatile material used in a wide range of industrial, consumer, and medical applications. HIPS is selected for its ease of processing, light-weighting capability, cost, durability, chemical resistance, and recyclability.



STYREX® 300 is a high-impact polystyrene for use in food packaging applications requiring greater impact strength.

  • Specially made for thermoforming
  • Good impact resistance and dimensional stability
  • Easy to process

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


STYREX® 300-S is a high-impact polystyrene widely used in medical device and food packaging applications.

  • Higher impact strength
  • Specially made for thermoforming and easy to process
  • FDA compliant

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


STYREX® 305 is a high-impact polystyrene containing recycled content.

  • Thermoforms easily
  • Great choice for specialized applications that do not require full material traceability
  • Recycled content reduces costs

Food Service Material


PETG is widely used in signage, displays and thermoformed trays. Is a clear material based on PET and modified for improved impact strength. PETG is highly recyclable and depending on your application can be leveraged for a cost effective solution to your printed or formed product.



PETG FG copolyester is a clear, amorphous resin, and is a widely used resin grade for rigid food packaging

  • Provides excellent clarity, toughness and good melt strength
  • Excellent forming and trimming characteristics
  • May be colored using color concentrates

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


rPETG copolyester is a blend of PETG and recycled PETG resin content initially used for medical packaging and re-purposed for a variety of general food packaging and food service applications.

  • Available in opaque white, clear or blue tint
  • Excellent forming and trimming
  • A great product choice that supports sustainability initiatives

Food Service Material


O2B PETG is a multi-layer copolyester used in a wide variety of food packaging applications.

  • Provides excellent clarity, toughness and good melt strength
  • Excellent forming and trimming characteristics
  • Features high-performance O2 barrier properties

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


PLA is a bio-compostable polymer sourced from corn that can be an excellent choice for clear or custom color applications. Your end-use application will determine how this resin is tailored to meet performance requirements. In its natural form PLA is a brittle material with low heat distortion but can be modified to give good impact and high heat characteristics. It is used in a variety of products and applications such as food packaging and graphic arts signage.



INEGO 2003D is a transparent general purpose grade resin specifically designed for use in food packaging and food service ware applications.

  • Resin made from 100% renewable resources
  • Offers good clarity and forming stability
  • Can be used naturally or as part of a formulated blend

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


Recycled PLA is ideal for a wide variety of general thermoforming applications. GOEX rPLA can tailored to meet the requirements of your recycling programs. Contact us to learn more.



Polypropylene is a light weight material with excellent transparency, toughness, moisture barrier and formability. It is an excellent low cost solution with a wide range of resins and additives available to customize clarity, stiffness, tear strength, and color. Polypropylene is prominent in food packaging, medical packaging, and many consumer and industrial applications. It has excellent recyclability.



CONTOUR® 28 is a strong and ductile FDA grade material with good chemical resistance.

  • Clean trimming characteristics
  • Available in natural or pigmented
  • Good thermoforming characteristics

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material


PVC is a very stable and safe material present in many products found in daily life such as garden hoses, swimming pools, credit cards, and many devices and products in hospital settings. PVC offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, clarity, finish, and custom coloring.



CAROM® 49 is a FDA grade PVC. This product is ideal for deep draw forming of medical, food, personal care, and packaging applications.

  • Great thermoforming properties
  • Excellent clarity and die-cutting
  • Tough, durable and tear resistant

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Material

Styrenic Alloys

Styrenic Alloys provide a higher performance and clear option to high impact polystyrene. Most common uses for alloys is in medical devices, medical packaging, food packaging, and many household and consumer products. It is chosen for its clarity, low temperature toughness, and impact strength. Impact and ductility can be tailored to suit your requirements.



STYREX® 308 is a clear styrenic alloy. This product is ideal for form-fill-seal products for the food packaging market.

  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Low density material
  • FDA compliant

FDA Compliant