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Custom sheet rolling equipment

ISO Class 8 Clean Room Slitting

Clean room conversion center capabilities include slitting 4” minimum width, 48” maximum diameter finished rolls that are packaged to customer specifications.

Stock Sheet Program

The stock program is designed to provide economical, quality, quick-ship materials, helping customers gain a competitive edge with an in-stock product offering. A variety of sizes and gauges and full skids quantities are available with shipment within 24-48 hours. Click here to see available substrates, characteristics and sheet sizes.

Custom Color Matching

Computerized color reading and matching. Opaque, translucent, metallics. L*a*b* values provided. Multiple Polymers can be selected for color matching.

Scrap Recycling Program

As part of our continuing “Zero Landfill” program, GOEX can establish a full recycling program for customers. This includes instruction and training, recommended methods of collection and handling, and supplying returnable containers to be used in customer facilities. All materials that cannot be reused are separated and sold to recycling companies rather than transported to a landfill.


Additives incorporated via loss in weight blending can impart specific attributes in finished sheet products. Friction reduction, UV inhibitors and FR properties are just a few attributes that are typically addressed.

Tight-Tolerance Sheeting

Dimensional tolerance of cut-to-size sheets are the tightest in the industry. From 14” X 18” to 63” X 125” press-ready sheet products are available from GOEX.