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Sustainability: The Foundation
of our Company

“GOEX has always operated with sustainability as a pillar of our operations – and we continue to advance our sustainable offerings through product development, customer collaboration, and recycled materials.”

Joshua D. Gray

President & CEO GOEX Corporation

GOEX’s Sustainability Management Program Rests on Three Pillars


Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct embodies the ethics which drive GOEX. We strive to create a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees.


GOEX supports the health and well-being of all employees through robust healthcare plans, gym memberships, on-site health clinics, and wellness challenges.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

GOEX offers a tuition reimbursement program, allowing employees to continue their academic education through Blackhawk Technical College and their Industrial Maintenance Program.


GOEX improves energy efficiency through:

  • New efficient manufacturing equipment
  • LED lighting and motion sensor lighting
  • Computer-monitored HVAC systems

GOEX conserves water by continually reusing process water in our closed-loop chiller system.

GOEX tracks our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and continually looks for reductions.

70% of our raw materials are delivered by rail. Using rail to move freight lowers GHG emissions up to 75% on average.

GOEX uses heat from our manufacturing equipment for heating during cold weather to reduce our natural gas use.

GOEX promotes the use of reusable skids and cores for waste reduction.

Almost 100% of plastic resins are made into products or recycled.

GOEX Corporation is proactive in energy conservation, protecting our natural resources, scrap recycling, waste reduction and in developing products that help our customers meet their sustainability and environmental objectives.


Plastic packaging products are important to sustainability. They help to extend the life of fresh food, ensure the safety of patients, and reduce shipping weight.

GOEX has the Unique Ability to Incorporate Recycled Materials


RECOVER closed-loop scrap from our customers


Recycle this back into the center layer of a sheet


RE•COVER™ the recycled layer with virgin material

Material Recycling Flow Chart

Product Spotlight

MEDPET®90 Medical Grade Polyester

  • A true  PET
  • FDA Compliant
  • Compatible for sterilization via GAMMA and EtO
  • High Clarity