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Material Acclimation

Material Acclimation Instructions

For best results, store this material at or near room temperature. This is strongly recommended to avoid sheet warping when exposed to temperature and humidity extremes.

The following are general recommendations and do not attempt to consider all special conditions of sheet or equipment.

  • Avoid stacking skids of material.
  • Cut banding at the earliest convenience.
  • Remove outside stretch wrap. Keep inner wrap on until just prior to printing.
  • Whenever possible, allow a minimum of 72 hours for sheet to adjust to printing room temperature and humidity conditions.
  • If the outside or transport conditions are extreme, additional time to achieve sheet stability may be required.
  • If you have ordered corona treated sheet, it is advisable to print within 30 to 45 days to achieve the optimum benefit of the treatment.
  • Inspect the outer stretch film for any punctures or tears before unwrapping material.
  • Fork extensions are required when moving skids longer than 48” to fully support skid weight.