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GOEX has added a new extruded sheet material to our medical packaging portfolio. MEDPET® 90 is a medical-grade polyester (PET) engineered to provide a preferred recycling option and cost-competitive solution for formed products.

This material is specifically designed for rigid medical component packaging. It has performance properties equal to or better than legacy medical device packaging materials and can withstand the toughest distribution conditions.



  • #1 in the recycling stream
  • Most commonly used and easily recycled plastic
  • Environmentally sound choice to help achieve your sustainability goals



Ease of Processing

  • Clean trimming
  • Consistent tray denesting performance
  • Seals with traditional lidstock
  • Compatible with Gamma and EtO sterilization methods

High Performance

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Impact resistant
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Enhanced thermal properties
  • Premium stiffness and elongation properties


Risk Mitigation

  • Offers an alternative to single sourced medical PETG


  • Cost effective material choice
  • Offers significant cost savings over traditional medical device packaging materials
  • Opportunity for utilization of existing PETG tooling



Regulatory Compliance

  • FDA compliant
  • USP Plastic Class VI Compliant

Seeing is Believing

Available in clear and blue tint, MEDPET® 90 allows end-users to view critical medical device contents while still packaged. At the same time, its high impact resistance provides the toughness needed to protect what’s inside.

Cost Competitive, Comparable and Compliant

MEDPET® 90 offers cost savings over other traditional medical device packaging materials. It also has comparable processing parameters to alternative packaging materials. Its excellent dimensional stability assures a consistent product that won’t shrink or warp during forming.

In addition, MEDPET® 90’s enhanced thermal properties make it compatible for sterilization at higher temperatures (by GAMMA and EtO) resulting in the potential for quicker cycle times—saving you time and money. MEDPET® 90 is also FDA compliant, having undergone rigorous quality system processes, both internally and by independent lab review. With GOEX, you can count on a quality product, time after time.

Plus Sustainable!

Considered a recycling #1in the recycling stream, one of the most commonly used and easy to recycle plastics, MEDPET® 90 is the environmentally-sound choice toward helping you with your sustainability initiatives.


MEDPET® 90 medical-grade polyester can be utilized as a cost- effective solution to your rigid medical packaging applications.

This material has comparable performance properties to other legacy medical device packaging materials. It also has exceptional clarity characteristics. Plus, it’s recyclable.

See how GOEX can help provide the best material choice for all of your rigid medical packaging application needs at

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