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Sheetline Newsletter Volume 12

Change has been part of the GOEX story since our beginning 24 years ago. In fact, some might say that’s a big reason for our success.

We always ask how we could do something better or less expensively. By being willing to evolve and respond, we’ve stayed relevant, and our customers have benefited. 

When we were new kids on the block, we found applications for our products in markets that weren’t well served, mainly graphic arts and the print-on-plastic markets. Although printing has diversified from screen to flexo to litho, digital and other methods, we still sell a great deal into the ever-changing print market. 

In 2007, we identified shortcomings in medical packaging that historically required a silicone release agent. Some customers didn’t want silicone in their manufacturing locations. Once again, we looked for a better way and expanded our portfolio with GLIDEX®, a better performing polyester with a non-silicone denesting system. 

Over the years, we’ve developed many medical packaging products as we saw market needs evolve. In 2011, continued pricing pressures gave us another opportunity to do something better for our customers. When there’s just one supplier for a popular product, buyers don’t get a lot of price concessions. This was the situation with PETG 6763, and the market had no choice but to pay the prevailing price for this medical packaging plastic. 

We took a different route. What if we had a product that performed similarly to the leading offerings, but at a more favorable economic position? Instead of accepting that nothing could be done about price, we built an alternative – a cost-effective, high-performance material called MEDEX® 641. 

Because of our constantly evolving approach, we typically don’t offer just one product for a market, but several. We still supply many legacy products, but we also look to the future, and we ask our customers to accompany us on the journey. Customer input is valued and included as we go forward with new products. We listen at trade shows, symposiums and other events. You benefit from our well-rounded portfolio, because you never have to compromise on your choices. And if we don’t have the product you need today, we encourage direct dialog to determine what makes sense to develop. Let’s explore some “what if” scenarios together.

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