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Vol. 8: SUBWAY® Cards & STYREX® 725

The SUBWAY® Card Program Transitions to GOEX Recycled Polystyrene Alloy


GOEX Corp., a leading manufacturer of quality printable plastic sheet, reports that it is working with the SUBWAY® Card program to convert much of the chain’s popular SUBWAY Cards from 30 percent recycled PVC to GOEX Corp.’s high-performance, heavyduty STYREX® 725 alloy containing a core of post-industrial recycled material.

According to Erin Wood, Manager of Card Production and Fulfillment for Value Pay Services (a SUBWAY® franchisee-owned organization that manages the SUBWAY® Card Program in the U.S. and Canada), the choice of GOEX STYREX® 725 Alloy is in keeping with the SUBWAY® Card Program’s commitment to support sustainable initiatives while considering cost constraints.

“In terms of sustainability, our focus is on the 3Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle,” Wood said. Accordingly, “We’ve determined that one way to move in the direction of sustainability, while being conscious of our franchisee’s bottom line, is to reduce the amount of virgin material used in SUBWAY® Cards,” she said. “By utilizing GOEX STYREX® 725 Alloy we are able to meet this objective, while maintaining our cost structure and providing our printers with a material that is consistent to print on.”

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