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Vol. 7: New STYREX® 490, 690 and 720

New STYREX® 490, 690 and 720 PS Alloys Offer Benefits of Polystyrene with Performance of PVC


TWO YEARS AGO, GOEX CORP. LAUNCHED ITS HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL SIGNEX® PRODUCT, which it targeted as a cost-effective alternative to Polycarbonate signage. Now, GOEX continues its mission to bring greater value to its customers by developing a line of Polystyrene (PS) alloy materials designed to function as cost-effective, performance-driven materials.

The new STYREX® Polystyrene alloys are available in different grades for different uses, including STYREX® 490 Clear and 690 White Polystyrene, general-purpose sheet designed for graphic arts and thermoform applications where PVC is not preferred. STYREX® 490 and 690 lend themselves readily to surface-printed plastic sheet applications because they are easy to print and cut, and because they offer more than a 20 percent yield advantage, based on their lower density compared with PVC. For the most demanding PVC alternative applications, like plastic cards, GOEX also now offers a superduty PS alloy, STYREX® 720, which also provides a comparable yield advantage.