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Sheetline Newsletter Volume 6

The John Henry Co. Implements GOEX Corp.’s “Zero-landfill” Plastic Recycling Program

JOHN HENRY, A DIVISION OF MULTI PACKAGING SOLUTIONS serving the horticulture market, is among the first companies to participate in the GOEX Corporation’s breakthrough “closed- loop” plastic recycling program.

Finding A Better Way

John Henry supplies plant tags, merchandising, and marketing solutions to growers, greenhouses and garden centers, as well as to florists and wholesale floral operations.

Recognizing the industry’s interest in sustainable practices, the company has worked to develop recycled products, plastic alternatives, and recycling programs for its customers. John Henry’s closed- loop program with GOEX is the second recycling program it has implemented this year, following the Blackmore program it recently announced to collect clean styrene tags from growers and garden centers and recycle them to produce plant trays.

“The GOEX program is helping us focus upstream to combine sustainable manufacturing practices with recycled products,” says Jon Luea, John Henry’s Product Development Manager for Grower Plastics. Although John Henry has recycled paper and plastic scrap for years, “This is the first time we’ve worked with the extruder to reintroduce it as a product. It’s a very exciting opportunity,” Luea says.

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