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Vol. 28: MEDPET®90, Medical-Grade APET

MEDPET®90: Keeping You in the Loop


Showcasing at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West tradeshow at the start of this new year, GOEX’s MEDPET®90 high-performance, medical-grade APET continues to shine.

As part of GOEX’s custom material portfolio, MEDPET®90 was specifically developed to bring a high-performance material solution to the medical device market while reducing supply chain risk.

The introduction of MEDPET®90 was built on innovative thinking and collaboration with our suppliers and customers alike. Not only has it proven itself as an effective solution, but it holds a true #1recycling code, preferred in the recycling market.

GOEX does not take the responsibility to bring well-vetted solutions to the medical device market lightly. In risk-adverse settings, it’s critical that every box is checked to ensure comparable functional and regulatory performance to legacy materials. That is why MEDPET®90 was designed to offer performance properties equal to or better than traditional medical device packaging materials.

Both customer-led and third-party testing of extruded sheet and formed trays has validated MEDPET®90 is a material worth allocating resources to for new and existing applications.

See for yourself. Advantages MEDPET®90 brings to the medical market are:

RISK MITIGATION: Offers an alternative to single-sourced materials.
EASE OF PROCESSING:Clean trimming. Consistent tray denesting performance. Seals with traditional lid stock. Compatible with Gamma, EtO and E-Beam sterilization methods.
REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: FDA compliant & USP Plastic Class VI compliant.
RECYCLABLE: #1 in the recycling stream. Most commonly used and easily recycled plastic. Environmentally-sound choice to help acheive your sustainability goals.
HIGH PERFORMANCE: Exceptional clarity. Excellent dimensional stability. Enhanced thermal properties.
ECONOMICAL: Cost effective material choice. Offers cost savings over traditional medical device packaging materials.

Looking forward in this new year, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out MEDPET®90 for yourself yet, be sure to let us know. We’d be glad to show you everything it has to offer!