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Sheetline Newsletter Volume 5

It’s Getting To Be A Habit: GOEX Expands Capacity Again

Customers Will Reap Benefits of Latest Plastic Processing Technology

GOEX CORP. IS PROUD to announce that it has recently completed the installation of a new, state-of-the-art, co-extrusion line to support its already substantial investment in the graphic arts marketplace. The new line takes its place alongside the company’s existing extrusion lines at its manufacturing facility in Janesville, Wis., and is capable of running a variety of the materials used in the graphic arts market, including Polystyrene, PVC, PETG and Polycarbonate. This is the second installation in as many years for the rapidly growing plastic sheet extruder.

Says GOEX President Josh Gray, “The addition of another new extrusion line represents a significant increase in our production capacity. This new line will enable us to keep our lead times short and our customer response rates high.”

In order to continue to be a world class supplier to the graphic arts industry, GOEX is committed to making the investments necessary to meet its customers’ order requirements. “Lead times have been compressed over the past few years,” Gray explains. “In addition to high quality, our customers continue to recognize that we are committed to offering the shortest lead times in the industry.”

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