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Sheetline Newsletter Volume 4


CLINT EASTWOOD CAN KEEP his “Million-Dollar Baby” – GOEX has one of its own on the way. Later this fall, the company will welcome a brand-new, state-of-the-art, co-extrusion line to support its already substantial investment in the graphic arts market. The new line will be installed alongside the company’s existing extrusion lines at its manufacturing facility in Janesville, Wis., and will be capable of running a variety of the materials that GOEX currently extrudes, including Polystyrene, PVC, PETG and Polycarbonate.

Says GOEX President Josh Gray, “The addition of another new extrusion line represents a signifi cant increase to our production capacity to help keep our lead times short and our customer response rates high. GOEX always strives to meet the customer’s order requirements, and we are committed to offering our customers the shortest lead times in the industry.”

The company expects to install the new equipment in October. Look for details of the installation - including photos of our “new arrival” - in the upcoming Winter edition of the GOEX Sheetline.

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