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Vol. 26: Finishing Second Manufacturing Location

A Cedar Perspective


As the final touches are being put on the new GOEX extrusion facility in Cedar City, Utah, we look upon the legacy we are building and what it takes to make this realization happen.


Since our initial expansion news, we’ve welcomed new employees to the GOEX Cedar City Team. We are interested in the viewpoint of our new coworkers and others in the community of Cedar City (or, as locals refer to the area—“Cedar”). How do they feel about GOEX coming to their neck of the woods? How will custom rigid plastic extrusion work there?


GOEX Cedar City Plant Manager Travis Isaacson, who has been busy recruiting top talent in the Cedar City area, had this to say, “Folks around Cedar City know the industrial park where the new GOEX plant is located is part of a manufacturing hub that specializes in plastics. These skilled individuals have the experience, fortitude, and drive to make GOEX Cedar City every bit the industry leader in extruding quality plastic that was founded by our counterparts in (Janesville) Wisconsin.”

GOEX HR Manager, Dana Neal, adds “At GOEX, we invest in our employees and hire team members who are looking at the following:”

1.Culture. Do you align with the company’s core values and beliefs? GOEX is committed to continuous improvement of our personnel, equipment and technologies while strictly adhering to a 0% Landfill Policy that showcases our commitment to Sustainability.
2. Opportunity. Does the organization offer learning and development and career growth opportunities? GOEX takes pride in providing a rewarding, challenging, and safe workplace. A defined growth plan for manufacturing employees keeps them engaged and growing within the company.
3. People. Who will you be working with? We are hiring team members with manufacturing experience and a willingness to grow with GOEX.
4. Stability. Is the company profitable? GOEX as a family-owned, privately-held company, has shown continual growth and profitability for the past 30 years.
5. Work-Life Balance. Does the organization offer flexibility? GOEX’s 2 days on, 2 days off, 3 days on,12-hour rotating schedule allows team members to have more freedom— working just 7 out of 14 days.


Back in the 1800s, Cedar City was a gateway for many pioneers heading West. Today, GOEX’s expansion in Cedar is a chance for the company, the people who work there, the surrounding communities, and the customers we serve to build a strong future together.


Success. It’s a mindset we all share!