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Vol. 16: New Product, GLIDEX® PETG TF

Personally from the President


As we usher into the fall season, I am excited to share with you some of the activities happening at GOEX.

When it comes to quality and pricing, we make our decisions specifically based on customer needs. The food and beverage packaging market has seen signicant growth in recent years and will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. We have added new equipment and resources to support this growing market, and have developed products to accommodate our customers in the food industry.

Part of what makes us an industry-leading plastic extrusion company are our capabilities and how we serve our customers. That requires us to be able to connect well and bring focus to all of the industries we serve. For example, in the rigid medical packaging market, some customers wish to eliminate all animal by-products from their packaging. This request, coupled with broad development and extrusion capabilities provide a compelling case for validating a new GOEX product to meet this need. We now offer GLIDEX® PETG TF, an animal-free FDA and medical-grade material.

Regardless of uses for specific substrates, we tune into the multiple performance characteristics for each of our products and decide how they can be optimized for each market. For example, one of the most desirable plastic substrates is polypropylene. It is light weight, tough, easy to form, and economical. Specific to the print industry, one of the challenges many extruders have when processing polypropylene is creating a flat, smooth sheet. GOEX has overcome this challenge and offers polypropylene for the flat-sheet print market with excellent side-toside surface finish consistency. Sheet stock polypropylene is available in .015” to .030” gauge and sheet sizes ranging from 20x20” to 60x120”.