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Vol. 14: Implementing HACCP System

Personally from the President


It has been an exciting first half of 2016 for GOEX Corporation. As the plastics market continues to grow, we remain focused on customer needs and staying abreast of developments and trends in the plastics industry.

Let’s face it: the demands of our jobs can be filled with challenges. But we understand that meeting customer demands can bring both complexity and reward, and our dedicated employees are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. We recently integrated Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), a control-based food safety program, into our existing quality management system. Manufacturers of food contact materials must follow strict production and regulatory requirements, and the implementation of HACCP in our facility allows us to go to market with enhanced rigor and quality, broadening our customer reach.

All of our products, including medical packaging, are manufactured in the same facility, following the same risk controls. From the raw material composition to the finished product, HACCP enhances our existing quality system and is a value-add for all plastics at GOEX. The program further compliments the high-standards of the medical industry and the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

We have always remained dedicated to identifying ways to strengthen our manufacturing process without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. Due to continued Polypropylene growth in the various markets we serve, we have expanded our operations to include a new extrusion line. We expect the new line to be in commercial scale production in August. With focus on continuous efforts to drive operational efficiencies, we have also invested in a state-of-the-art roll stock slitting machine. Slitting operations are performed in a controlled environment with clean room protocols incorporated into both the machine operators and the production floor. Offering integrated secondary operations allow us to bring value- added services directly to our customers.

Another value-add for our customers is the recent addition to our stock sheeting program. “Quick Pack” customers can choose from several grades of STYREX® PS and the newly added rPETG – all ready for immediate shipment in full skid quantities.

Our value is rooted in providing exceptional customer service and manufacturing excellence. We focus on short lead-times and consistent quality products – all which position us for continued growth and we’re ready for it.