Sheetline Newsletter Volume 20

Zero Here

Striving to minimize the environmental impact of our products, GOEX has a sustainability strategy in place that includes a continued focus on our Zero Landfill operating philosophy.

Highlights of this way of thinking include:

  • Nearly 100% of the plastic resins in our facility are converted into finished goods, recycled back into saleable finished goods or sold to other plastic processors for reuse.
  • Scrap we buy back from our customers is reused in our recycled content product lines.
  • Did you know GOEX offers recycled options in our HIPS, PETG, PP and PVC products?

  • Paper, wood and other natural or manmade materials are reused or recycled onsite.
  • All materials that cannot be reused are separated and sold to recycling companies rather than transported to a landfill.

GOEX is proactive in:

  • Energy conservation
  • Protecting our natural resources
  • Waste reduction
  • Developing products that help customers meet their environmental objectives

We can help you meet your sustainability goals too!

We offer quality recycled content, compostable and bio-based products and emphasize resins that are RoHS compliant. We are working to build a more circular economy by using our plastics resources more efficiently, capturing and repurposing more materials, advancing recycling and recovery, and making a difference in our community.

Talk to the innovative and impassioned team members at GOEX and find how we, as partners, can zero in and help the world to educate, reuse and recycle.

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