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Vol. 22: Giving Back, 20,000 Face Shields

Doing Good

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, GOEX found itself in a great position to help provide material for critical personal protective equipment (PPE). We refocused production efforts to help ER doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs and others on the front line fighting the coronavirus.

The immediate shortage of face shields for healthcare workers across the country prompted our quick response. As an industry-leading manufacturer of medical-grade rigid plastic sheet for surgical face shields and other medical applications, we could quickly respond to meet the highest standards and demanding requirements of these applications for the healthcare industry.

In just two days, we were able to collaborate with our sister company, Prent, to help design an effective face shield. We then responded to the need locally by shipping twenty thousand of these face shields free of charge to the communities in which we work and live.
“We know a lot about thin-gauge plastic materials and packaging, and our partners know a lot about what the medical community requires,” GOEX President Josh Gray said. “That collaboration of material and application brought the face shields to the forefront.”
GOEX continued supporting customer orders that reached healthcare facilities nationwide and helped a broad array of other essential workers as well. Additional production time was allocated for these materials, as the face shield need continued to grow outside the healthcare arena. This critical PPE product is in high demand and now a part of best practices throughout manufacturing facilities, restaurant chains and retail outlets across the country.
Due to the breadth of our material offerings, GOEX is in a unique position to offer a variety of materials for face shields, as requirements can vary between end-use applications. rPETG/ PETG has quickly become the material of choice in many of these applications, due to its high clarity/low haze properties and moderate price. Plus, there is an additional environmental advantage that rPETG is produced from recycled plastic.
As a quality manufacturer of plastic sheet and roll stock, GOEX is a trusted partner that continues to provide stability. And we understand the need to evolve to meet the ever-changing market needs during the most difficult of times.