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Get Your PPE (Face Shields) Here

As businesses reopen across the country, many business owners do not have a plan to identify and source the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they need to control health hazards upon reopening.

To address these concerns, GOEX has created reusable headbands with replaceable plastic shields as a source of critical PPE. These face shields, as part of your thoughtfully constructed PPE plan, will help minimize the risk of transmittance and result in increased employee and customer confidence in your business. 

Some of the key features/benefits of these face shields are:

  • Made in America

  • Affordable

  • Disposable

  • Easily assembled

  • Optically clear shields

  • Comfortable for lengthy all-day wear

  • Stay firmly in position during use

  • Anti-scratch masking (to be removed prior to use)

  • Extend below the chin forming a barrier that keeps people from easily touching their own faces

  • Protect against splash and splatter of liquids / Provide droplet protection

  • Significantly reduce transmission in a community setting

Check out how simple it is to purchase, provide, and wear these effective face shields now at We have a number of different reusable headband/disposable face shield combinations to choose from.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to GOEX with any questions about these two types of face shields. We can be contacted at or call us at 608-754-3303.


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