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Vol. 21: Reinventing Plastics with RE•COVER™

Driving the "Golden Spike"

In the Spring of 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah, a golden spike was driven into a railroad tie to mark the completion of the trans-continental railroad connecting the Central Pacific from the west to the Union Pacific from the east. With the railroad’s completion, a trip across the nation went from up to six months on foot, on a horse, or in an animal-pulled wagon to as little as eight days from New York, New York to San Francisco, California.

On the 150th anniversary year of this historic event, GOEX announces plans for a new manufacturing facility, expanding into Utah, to better serve our customers in Western areas of the U.S. and Mexico.

Answering the demand for quality extruded plastic sheet products, GOEX will soon add a new manufacturing facility in Cedar City, Utah. This 20 acre site in southwestern Utah is in a successful manufacturing cluster that’s an excellent location as part of the West’s regional transportation network. Shipments of quality extruded sheet product can now reach western customers in 1-3 days as requested.

“The new Cedar City location supports GOEX’s ongoing commitment to ensure timely delivery of extruded sheet products. Just as continued growth prompted the need for additional space in Janesville, Utah will now allow us to better serve our customers in the western areas of the country” said Joshua Gray, President and CEO of GOEX. “We intend to build on the success of our current plant in Wisconsin, built specifically for our processes”.

By adding an extrusion facility in Utah with similar design, GOEX will integrate standardized equipment and procedures that enable us to provide short lead times, increase capacity and reach more customers in the markets we serve. Like Janesville, the Cedar City facility will be environmentally controlled and oper-ationally certified to current standards for ISO 9001, FSSC22000 and IMS.

GOEX is committed to sustainability, innovation, and providing employees exceptional employment opportunities while serving the communities we work and live in. Let us show you how we can help provide the best materials to get your products to your customers quicker, safer and the best way possible.

GOEX truly continues as the gold standard!