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Vol. 29: GOEX's Latest Extrusion Line

Adding to the Good

Good additional state-of-the-art extrusion line has arrived and is being commissioned at our Cedar City, Utah manufacturing location to enhance our custom extrusion capabilities and further address the needs of our customers.

Adding capacity creates efficiencies, reduces lead times, and optimizes pro-duction across both our Wisconsin and Utah manufacturing sites. GOEX’s standardization of equipment, processes and operating systems across facilities ensures consistency, repeatability, and best-in-class quality for our customers.

The newest extrusion line in Cedar City will be geared toward Polyester (PET) rollstock materials used primarily in Food, Medical and Retail packaging applications. Identified as a #1 curbside recyclable material, PET boasts the highest recyclability rate of all plastics. Whether you’re interested in virgin, post-industrial recycled or post-consumer recycled content, GOEX’s extrusion cap-abilities allow us to customize each run to fit the unique requirements of your job.

GOEX has invested in equipment that allows us to produce barrier PET materials for critical applications.

Extending Shelf-Life
In the food packaging market, PET is commonly used to package food items. From salad bowls to deli containers to on-the-go snack packs, PET is used to maintain product freshness and minimize food spoilage. In shelf stable applications, packaging is oftentimes designed with enhanced barrier properties to eliminate the need for refrigeration and provide oxygen &/or moisture barriers to preserve the contents of the package.

Providing Protection
In the medical packaging market, reliable performance and the reduction of risk are key. Our MEDPET® 90 medical-grade PET provides a reliable, recyclable and cost-effective solution for our medical customers. The addition of our new PET extrusion line in Cedar City further solidifies our risk mitigation efforts.

Through product development, expanded capacity, and best-in-class operating standards across both locations, GOEX takes continuity of supply seriously. And we continue to help our customers overcome packaging challenges in critical industries. Together we can help meet the unique demands of your customers as well.