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Are all snowflakes unique?

You see snow, and it all looks white. You see plastic sheet and it all looks the same. But is it?

At GOEX, we extrude custom plastic that’s unique in a multitude of ways. This year’s GOEX holiday ornament packaging exemplifies our unique capabilities and focuses on advancing sustainability through transformative material offerings.

Recycled PETG (rPETG) material is utilized throughout the thermoformed packaging to showcase our innovations in sustainable products and services. This 100% recycled post-industrial content was coextruded through a closed-loop, traceable system that is unique to GOEX.

As you can see, both the clear, snowflake-etched columns and the solid white base are made from this recycled content and provide a protective thermoformed packaging for this year’s holiday ornament.

At GOEX, we are committed to continuing to develop materials and processes that provide our customers and the markets we serve with meaningful contributions to your application and the recycling effort.

Be unique.... and shine with GOEX this year and always! .