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Holidays 2023

Safely nestled in a protective cocoon of sustainably-extruded plastic, GOEX presents our 2023 holiday ornament.

The packaging’s solid blue base is made of MEDPET®90, our #1 recyclable medical-grade material featuring superior thermal properties while maintaining high strength—both critical in today’s thermoforming climate.

Clear CP305 rPETG covers the ornament and offers exceptional clarity. This recycled PETG features all-virgin cap layers and a sustainably-rich core made with up to 25% lot-traceable recycled content. Utilizing our RECOVER process, GOEX is able to repurpose prime customer scrap regrind while safeguarding vital material properties.

Unique, flexible TPU protectors cushion and provide puncture- and abrasion-resistance, allowing safer transportation and handling of your ornament.

Smart, sustainable material choices from GOEX can help protect your products as well. Let’s create exceptional packaging solutions together.