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Holidays 2019

PET packaging has less environmental impact than other packaging alternatives!

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This 50% post consumer recycled PET package saved 3 (16.9oz) water bottles
from going into a landfill or ending up in the ocean.

PET packaging has a better environmental impact than many other packaging alternatives such as molded fiber and glass. And when you use recycled PET material, that footprint gets even smaller.

When you source environmentally responsible packaging material, get the facts and don’t believe the hype.

Myth #1: Paper packaging material is better for the environment that PET.
Truth: Alternative packaging in general has a larger negative environment impact that virgin or recycled PET (see the life cycle data below). In addition, paper packaging has a lower rate of recycling than PET.

Source: Oregon Dept. of Environment Quality

Myth #2: Medical packaging cannot be made from recycled PET.
Truth: Recycled PET is approved for direct food contact application and with proper testing, could be used in the medical industry.

Source: FDA

Myth #3: It’s too expensive to use recycled PET.
Truth: Recycled PET can be as cost effective as virgin PET.

Myth #4: Recycled PET does not have the same performance as virgin PET.
Truth: Virgin and recycled PET can have the same mechanical and physical attributes.

Myth #5: Consumers believe that paper is better for the environment than plastic, so paper is the right choice for marketing purposes.
Truth: Educate your consumers about the truth by including a sustainability statement on your PET packaging. Additionally, include the recycling symbol and encourage people to recycle plastic.

About the 2019 Holiday Package

Goex Recycles

Celebrating GOEX’s long history of sustainability efforts, this year’s ornament packaging features material extruded from post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET.

This custom plastic package showcases all the benefits of plastic packaging including clarity, light weight, durability, and many more protective properties, all while being environmentally responsible.

To minimize the environmental impact of our products, GOEX has a Sustainability Strategy that ensures our operations and business practices are environmentally sound. This includes a continued focus on a zero-landfill policy with all plastic materials used in production.

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Life Cycle Impacts of Plastic vs. Alternatives*

Use of plastics vs. alternatives
Total Energy 18 million fewer passenger vehicles/year

1.1 million fewer tanker trucks of gasoline
Global Warming Potential 14 million fewer passenger vehicles/year

889,000 fewer tanker trucks of gasoline
Water Consumption 461,000 fewer Olympic swimming pools
Solid Waste (Weight) 290,000 fewer 747 airplanes
Solid Waste (Volume) 1,496 fewer U.S. Capitol Rotundas
Acidification 292,000 fewer railcars of coal

*Alternatives include paper, paperboard, glass, steel, aluminum, textiles, rubber and cork.

Source: Franklin Associates

Life Cycle Impacts of Recycled PET vs. Virgin PET

Use of recycled vs. virgin PET
Cumulative Energy Demand 63% lower
Global Warming 42% lower
Water Consumption 38% lower
Fossil Resource Scarcity 64% lower

Source: Four Elements Consulting

Learn how GOEX can assist with your sustainable material efforts.

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