PVC is a very stable and safe material present in many products found in daily life such as garden hoses, swimming pools, credit cards, and many devices and products in hospital settings. PVC offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, clarity, finish, and custom coloring.


CAROM® 45 is a white print grade PVC used in a wide variety of print applications including cards, signs, POP displays, and tags.

  • Excellent die cutting and punching qualities
  • Great ink receptivity and excellent for lamination
  • Square cut sheets—superior gloss and matte finishes available


CAROM® 49 is ideal for deep-draw forming of medical and personal care packaging applications.

  • Excellent thermoforming properties with great heat-sealing properties
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Compatible for sterilization by EtO

FDA Compliant Food & Food Service Compliant