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Sustainability Is the Goal


     This year’s GOEX holiday ornament packaging is all about functionality and sustainability. Using patent-designed packaging mechanisms and the most recyclable plastic available, GOEX has designed a protective packaging marvel that’s both easy-to-use and eco-friendly.

     A Tyvek® seal helps keep contents sterile until opened, while patent-pending “Prentainers” help retain the ornament, then spin and/or slide to dis-engage. Plus,this leading-edge packaging design uses nearly 70% less material than a traditional, full-tray retainer.

     Both the blue-tint tray and white retainers are made from MEDPET™ 90, a medical-grade polyester material extruded exclusively by GOEX. Used in a variety of thermoformed applications, MEDPET 90 features high clarity, impact resistance, and cost effectiveness. The need for sustainability is addressed through it's #1 status.


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     As the industry leader in extruding quality custom rigid plastic packaging materials, GOEX can help provide practical solutions for your packaging applications, while keeping sustainability as our ultimate shared goal in 2022 and beyond.